We are specialist consultants with vast experience in the publishing industry. We represent and promote Publishers, Authors and Illustrators exclusively across different territories in the world in children’s and young adult publishing.

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FIND OUT TEAM is an Italian agency representing international Publishers, Authors and Illustrators. Our particular field of expertise is children’s, teen and young adult publishing. Every single day pages are opened all over the world to the wonderful world of imagination and fantasy by young readers in our target audience of 0 to 13 years.


Find out where our Publishers and Illustrators are and in which countries we are active. We are intimately connected with the publishing industry and we seek out the best titles and talents by attending international and local publishing events and International Book Fairs in London, Bologna, Beijing, Frankfurt and Guadalajara.

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Here are some of the titles for children, teens and young adults for which we handle Italian and international rights. Please use the  link to search by age group and book type and scroll through the pages to find out more details about the content and flavour of the various works.

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With proven abilities in the publishing field we have established a long-standing international experience in a very wide network of contacts in many countries around the world and a close-knit, multilingual team are the tools of our work and the key to our success.

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If you have been impressed by our profile and vision we are happy to give you more information about how we can start working together.

Please do get in touch for a meeting at a fair or to request further information using the contact form below or by writing to the address indicated and we will be pleased to assist you:

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FIND OUT Team Srl, Corso Felice Cavallotti 29 - 28100 NOVARA Italia;

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  • Publishers

    To Italian and international publishers we offer scouting, editorial and commercial expertise in many countries worldwide, as well as the promotion and sale of foreign rights and the management of co-editions to the best international markets.

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  • Illustrators

    We critique all our international illustrator’s portfolios to encourage their development and play to their strengths.

    They offer a very wide range of styles and experience because we like to think that diversity is our and your wealth!


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